Monday, 21 March 2011

My First Blog - The BBC's 2010

Over the past season I have been training and competing indoors a lot in preparation for the junior BBC’s and the European Youth Bouldering Masters in France this summer. The BBC’s at the weekend was a bit of a mixed bag. I qualified for the final in second place with a score of 87 out of 100, sitting behind a score of 90 from Barnaby Ventham. Seb Smith and Joe Swales who I climb with at Leeds also made it into the final which made it a bit more interesting.

It looked like it was between me and Barnaby based on the qualification scores. There was a significant gap between us and the next place qualifiers. In the final I flashed the first problem along with a few of the other finalists. The second took a few more attempts but got there in the end. The third was a bit more tricky and no one topped it, but I was so close, as I held the last hold but couldn’t hang on to match it. I was the only one to get to the final hold and if I’d held it I would have won. The last problem was on a big overhang, it was tough but a few of us managed to flash it.

Despite making every move in the final, I came out 3rd because I had too many attempts on the second problem. This was a good result but I am a bit disappointed on not getting 1st, as that was my aim for the comp having finished second and third previously. The first place was taken by Edd Mowbray who was the most consistent climber on the problems that were topped. All in all it was a pretty good weekend and I’m still in training for the comp in France in July. After that I hope to get outside a bit more.

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