Friday, 21 June 2013

Red KIte Arete 7b+ - First Ascent

Click link above to watch!
I went to Caley yesterday on my 19th birthday. Had a little warm up on New Jarusalem (7a) which went second go. We were about to head up to the blockbuster area when I spotted this arete which wasn't in any of the guides or anywhere online. So we had a look and worked out the moves. It went fairly quickly and was a really nice problem. I topped out and a red kite (bird) flew quite low overhead so I named it "Red Kite Arete" and I'd give it 7b+. It would probably get 7b without the first move. Yeah, so a great birthday present really!

So... at the time I posted this i thought it was a first ascent. turns out i was wrong... ah well.

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